Resilience and Well-being in Retirement
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Resilience and Well-being in Retirement

What's Next? A Practical Approach to Improving Your Well-being and Resilience Over 50 

In this highly interactive workshop, the presenter will describe a simple but powerful research-based framework that participants will use to assess their current resilience.

Participants will be presented with three different viewpoints, each with three different lens (described below), to identify where they most need to focus, and practical steps that they can take to increase their resilience and well-being. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a sense of where they are strong within each viewpoint, and the practical steps that they can take to increase their resilience and well-being. Career and non-career implications will be explored.

The Biological Foundations of Physical Activity, Sleep, And Diet are far more important to our well-being than many people realize.  They should be seen as thresholds below which your immune system is weakened, your health span and your longevity is shortened, and your capacity to function effectively is undermined.  Staying physically active, in particular, is especially important as we age, as is getting enough quality sleep, and eating healthily.

Me at My Best is a great motivator and reaps rewards that significantly contribute to wellbeing.  There is great satisfaction in becoming the best you can be.  The three lenses are Positive Emotions, Social Connection, and Efficacy.  All three contribute directly to being the best you can be.  

Going Beyond is the notion that you are not living solely for yourself but are seeking meaning and purpose through working for, and contributing to, the good of others.  The three lenses are Life goals that are based on strong personal values, Contributing/Volunteering to make a difference, and Meaning and Purpose that come from living in accord with deeply held values and/or a sense of spirituality and faith.

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When 05/21/2019 02:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Where University Hall 150
2199 Addison Street
BerkeleyCA 94720 
Available Seats 3
UC Berkeley Retirement Center | 101 University Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-1550 |
(510) 642-5461
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